Why I’m Running

Don McGuire, candidate for Kansas House, 16th District
I grew up in Butler Missouri, and came to the KC area to attend the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in biology. My wife and I chose to live in Johnson County because of the great public education system.

My wife, Anita, and I have been married for 37 years. All of our children graduated from Olathe public schools, and their success today is based on the strong foundation they received in the Olathe schools.

I am running because the incumbent’s votes have demonstrated that she doesn’t value our public schools the same way I do. She has voted on numerous occasions to decrease funding for schools, and she supported the Brownback tax experiment that will starve our schools of the necessary resources for years to come. The results of that experimental tax plan will likely be higher property and sales taxes.

I look forward to serving in Topeka and I pledge to make sure our schools receive the funding they need and deserve.

On the Issues

College tuition reduction: It is time to start a serious discussion about increasing the percentage that the state pays for our student tuition at state supported colleges and universities. It is hard to imagine a better public investment. Economically, high tuition is dragging our students and parents into debt which hampers economic recovery. High tuition is making college unattainable for many middle income and lower income students and that is a tremendous waste of talent.

Excellent Education: Every child deserves a first-class education and it is up to state government to provide the necessary resources to lower our class sizes

Effective Economy: We must create jobs which pay a decent wage so families can send their kids to college without bankrupting their retirement

Efficient Government: Requires a tax system that can fund our priorities and benefits all taxpayers, not just those who can afford a lobbyist